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Photos of the James Family left to right Mike Stevie Jane Chrisie Nick at our Hot Food Cafe. We used to  sell home cooked food prepared fresh on the day a range of salads, quiches, jacket potatoes, vegetarian meals and puddings. We now no longer do the cafes.

the james family.jpg
cruel times.jpg

Photos of the James Family left to right Nick Mike Stevie Chrisie and Jane at our Cinema Interval. We sell Bennetts icecream, ice lollies, tea, coffee, wine, beer and fruit juice, We also sell popcorn and sweets.

Our very first live show back in 2015! WITH CRUEL TIMES INBETWEEN - LIVE ON STAGE! 
International Canadian Company - SIX performers - Harmony singing - Stories of Pioneering times. We do a variety of live shows from music, acting, comedy, theatre and singing.


Our very first satellite broadcast back in 2014! Meda live from the National Theatre. We do satellite broadcasts from NT, RSC, Royal Ballet and Opera, Exhibition On Screen and other satellite broadcasts e.g. Matthew Bourne and Andre Rieu.

We are proud to have been a part of Borderlines Film festival since 2010 and continue to be a part of it to this day. We also show our own films from comedy, war, sci fi, historical drama, local films and a whole range of others! 

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